If you love taking care of your skin and but hate the nasty harsh chemicals in your beauty products…..you have come to the right place!!!!!! 🙂 WELCOME

Who am i?

My name is Alicia Singh, i have a PhD in chemistry….soooo i should love chemicals right….WRONG!!….well since everything around us, including us are chemicals we cannot hate them.  I do love the effect chemicals have on my skin such as moisturizing, exfoliation, and a long lasting glowing radiance but i hate that most beauty products contain harmful ingredients to us and our environment.

So i went on a quest to find all natural products that can give me the same awesome feel and amazing smell…without the harshness.

I did find such product and my quest was successful! 🙂 my purse however was not happy about this! 😦 so onto another quest!!!….to make my own all natural skin and hair care products

Stay tuned for tips, advice and my specialized products made with love and careful formulation for men and women.



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