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Chemicals are everywhere…..unavoidable….from the water we drink to the air we breath. Some chemicals we have no choice…. from sitting in traffic, walking the busy streets, to the foods we eat. However when we have a choice we have to make the best choice…not only for ourselves but also for our environment.

A happy healthy body and mind is the best gift we can give ourselves and those around us. How?….Dainty and Dandy 😀

What can you expect to find in an all natural Dainty or Dandy product?

Where possible organic ingredients have been used and fair-trade is not negotiable! Coconut oils, shea butter, beeswax, himalayan salts, raw sugar, carefully selected essential oils to name a few. Each ingredient added with a purpose for your well-being to uplift, motivate and inspire. Leaving your body clean, soft,  glowing and smelling amazing!

  • Rose and Vanilla sugar and salt scrubs
  • Peppermint foot scrub
  • Lemon and honey sugar scrub
  • Sandalwood and Vanilla lip balm
  • Peppermint and Bergamont lip balm
  • Moisturizing shapes, sizes, smells and scruby scrumy soaps
  • Fun, colorful bath bombs
  •  Yummy ultra-moisturizing body butters and foot butters…..
  • and willing to take suggestions

Just to name a few products specially formulated for your happiness ❤


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